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High school newspaper editors' Journal
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Saturday, July 12th, 2008
4:23 pm
We have a horrible adviser

This is this is the first time i've ever posted in a community, so I'm not really sure how to go about this, not to mention that this community seems pretty much dead, but i'm kind of desperate, so i'll give it a shot.

Anyway, next year, I'm going to become the editor in chief for my high school newspaper, and I'm really excited. I have a lot of ideas I want to try out next year.

The only problem is that we have a terrible adviser.

I kid you not when I say she knows absolutely nothing about journalism. She is a nice person and a good english teacher -- but that's about it. When I tried explaining to her what AP style was, she only waved me off saying grammar is grammar (this is not mentioning the fact that she first thought i was talking about APA/MLA format). We only started experimenting with page design and layouts LAST year(despite the fact that she's been newspaper advisor for more than eleven years), after I convinced her that it was OK. And THEN she elected to name what a normal person would call a news page designer the "Creative Page Designer."

Worst of all, she censors EVERYTHING. I think this is mostly due to the fact that she's afraid of losing her job or being harassed by the principal. And the result is pretty much anything political or controversial is thrown out, including political cartoons and criticism of our school and government -- whether or not it is an editorial.

We are never taught about our first amendment rights. Most of the kids in the class aren't motivated, and I can tell they get annoyed when our adviser deliberately changes what they write to mean something completely different -- sometimes exactly the opposite of what they intended.

I'm really passionate about journalism and newspaper writing, but no matter how i look at it, our adviser is simply HOLDING US BACK. I'm planning to try to change this situation next year, but it's not like I can just waltz in and start demanding rights. Our adviser is kind of old -- and I think she's kind of set in her ways because of that and rarely compromises. Actually, our school librarian was the adviser of different high school's award winning newspaper for SIX consecutive years, and he offered to give advice to us -- but she refuses it. In other words, it's impossible to try and talk to her. I've been doing a lot of research lately on high school censorship in newspapers, and I think the best I can do right now is to try to appeal to the principal for maybe AT LEAST some kind of compromise. I can't really think of anything else to do.

But what I need is some advice or help from someone who has had to deal with something similar or maybe some good links or resources to help me prepare for doing this. I would really be grateful to anyone who could help me.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
9:50 pm
hey everyone! As you can see I'm new. oh wow ... no one's posted in this since april?? ((O.o)) hmm .. well hopefully someone does other than me =P Anyways, I'm a journalist for my school newspaper and an advertising editor. I onyl had a one-year experience so far because I just started high school. Since it's summer, I can get practice! Wee! Hehe. I really wanted to start on the big stuff but I decided to deal with the minor things first. Plus the chief, Daniel, wanted a advertising editor for the paper so that we could be organized. My school only started the school newspaper about 2-3 years ago so we're still pretty crappy with how it looks. We're trying to get as many sponsors as we can so yeah. But at least the paper's selling out. =). Hmm ... As for the photography for the papers, at my school it's really not that complicated. We normally have an equal number of photographers and writers so it's not really a problem. Plus, we can send in pics if we want to put on the paper.

Here's an idea just in case you want to use if for your own paper at your school: do a story theme, if you haven't already. This girl, I forgot her name, is starting a series kind of thing on the paper. It's a mystery kind of thing. Once she's done with her series, they said I could put in my own story if I want (I asked =P).

But ever since the newspaper began, the PawPrintz (our school newspaper) have made a gerat improvement. When the PawPrintz began there were only 6 people in it. But now it's like ... oh, half a class? LOL. It's better than 6 though! But yeah ... and Daniel is going to teach the editors and those who are interested with the graphics and programs. Ooohhh I can't wait!!! xD

Anyways, I'm rambling ... hmm .... well it's nice to meet you guys and just add me if you want. =) I wouldn't mind.


Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
12:13 am
Photographers on your newspaper?
The number one issue I consider most about next year with the paper is the photography issue. Most of the students on the newspaper are extremely passionate about being a journalist, but not a photographer. Is it worth it to recruit say, 3-4 kids from the Photography classes and may be 1 student from an art class with a knack for cartooning to be staff artists and photographers? I was thinking it could help everyone out, for those who wish to be photographers, artists, and journalists in the future and focus on just those areas. Our paper is expected to have forty or a bit more members next year too.

Most of the time, people crawl over to the Editorials section so they will not have to be burdened with taking photographs or getting quotes from students. May be this will relieve everyone of this problem and allow us to have more than three or four sports article ideas and people who are willing to write them.

Does anyone else have experience with snagging a few of the photo and art kids over to the newspaper? Even if not, would you consider doing this sometime in the future? How do the photography and art student's grades work? Is it based on the effort or the quality of their work? And is it worth having the extra bodies in the room? :)

Thank you so much and sorry for all the questions. n_n But I have really been pondering on this all year as people moan and groan about photography constantly, making the paper end up with boring, effortless pictures.

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
2:40 pm
Does anyone else have this problem?
This was cross-posted to my very own journal, as well. =] Has anyone else had such problems as to where there is a huge bias with who gets what position as far as future editors go?

Well, I got Managing Editor of the school newspaper for next year. At my school, the newspaper is utterly prestigious and is an elite group so I mean, I guess this is an honor. Managing Editor is the Vice Editor-in-Chief.

I know, I know. I should be happy. The Vice Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor is amazing, being that the newspaper is a superior group at our school and almost every applicant marked off for their first choice to be Editor-in-Chief, but there is more to it. At least I didn't get something like...Sports Editor, I would have cried even harder. n.n

The vote was really biased though as everyone in newspaper loves the girl, Sara, who got Editor-in-Chief due to her God-loving religion and everyone knows that I am not that way. The current Editor-in-Chief even told me that's why she got it without hesitating when I asked her. I really think I should have gotten it--not to gloat, but I am well-rounded and I have written in news, sports, features, and editorials this year and I have taken up every extra article assigned. Not to mention, I have been on the paper the longest. The girl who got it never turned in her stuff in time, was a FIRST YEAR, never took photographs for her articles, and ALWAYS wrote uninteresting, religious articles for Features.

The girl, Tara, who got the Features Editor position should have gotten my position or even Editor-in-Chief as she NEVER wrote in Features. And she was the ONLY person besides me who always turned in her articles on time and wrote the most high quality articles. They based what everyone got around Sara, the new Editor-in-Chief. Someone even told me since the beginning of the year they had planned to give it to Sara and now that I think about it, when we were reviewing new staffer applications last year (YES, Sara is even a NEWBIE being editor-in-chief), her's wasn't in there, meaning the current Editor-in-Chief slipped her in and planned this out herself.

It just sort of hurts me that people would not do what is good for the paper but what is good for their friends. Oh wait, durr, that's why Bush is in charge and all of his little Texan pals.

I am not that upset about it anymore as the position I got, all the valedictorians in previous years received addition to all the liberals, gays, and lesbians. I wonder why...it sort of sucks, the dumber one always gets Editor-in-Chief so at least that makes me feel a little bit better about being the managing editor and the people who held it previously. But how dare the current newspaper editors give me false hope and make me work my arse off for something that was never going to happen.

What kills me most is, is that Sara runs into our seventh period class and giggles loudly to me, "I GOT EDITOR-IN-CHIEEEEF! ^o^ ^o^ xoxoo" so everyone can hear her, she knew I wanted it. And I cried when nobody looked but resisted getting angry at her as I told my friend to restrain me from hitting her. -_- This just totally bums me out...Ah well.

I know deep down inside I should have gotten it and I will act like a superior queen to Sara as revenge, most likely, knowing that the position should have been mine. It hurts me so badly, I've been working for this position for 2 years and now I don't even get it to some goody-two-shoes who was picked because she travels to different countries trying to convert others and make "peace." (Yeah right.) Woohoo.

I know this may sound a little mean even, but I was really hurt by this as I really worked hard to become the Editor-in-Chief, which never became mine. Is this sort of bias everywhere or is it just my school? I hate how only the editors of this year vote for the future editors, it is quite obvious friends come before who is right.

Current Mood: disappointed
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
10:15 pm
hello! i've been part of my school newspaper for the past two years. i'm a copy editor, and i regularly write the fashion column for my paper. i also write a lot of other articles on all different topics (i had an article on every page of the last issue). tomorrow i figure out if i've been chosen for editor-in-chief next year, i'm really nervous/excited haha. i hope to one day be a journalist.

anyway, does anyone have any ideas for other interesting articles? i'm having writer's block.
5:32 pm
I wish I could fire people.

It used to be that the first year newspaper course was in with the rest of us second-, third-, and fourth-years. I never found it annoying because it gave them a chance to see how things would be and what would be expected of them, but last year all the first-year journalism courses (yearbook, newspaper, and TV studio) were combined into one mass communications class, and from there people could pick the vein they wanted to take.

Newspaper picked up four people. One of them serves on the Editorial Board as my co-editor, while another one is a fantastic writer who can find stories where my lazier other staffers can't. I love them to pieces and see great potential in them. The other two... Their work is just... It's like they didn't even pay attention to the rules that were taught to them in mass comm and the ones that I go over in class. They don't make their corrections. Hell, they don't DO anything except sit there and...and... I don't even know WHAT they do in class. Our last issue unfortunately got out without being copy edited, partially because we're really having a problem meeting deadlines this year and partially because my copy editor seems to have forgotten that he's copy editor, and I caught sight of one of the person's article.

Instead of having, oh, "English teacher Sally Teacher," he had "Mrs. Teacher," which is totally against our rules. He said YOU for goodness' sake... YOU!!! >____>

(If it's not obvious, my old job was copy editor...and I LOVED it.)

Are there any suggestions on how I could possibly get them to do something? It's my first job in any sort of leadership position, and the older staffers don't quite take me seriously yet, unless I'm copy editing something for them. Even worse, our advisor is out with a (beautiful!) new baby, so we have a substitute--and we all pretty much know that "substitute" in a newspaper class pretty much means "babysitter."

Current Mood: RANTISH.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
12:04 pm
my school has made a newspaper forum (click on Forum), and we're working on going on-line with uor PDF issues. I was just wondering what people thought of it.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
10:16 pm
I finally feel like this year in newspaper has started. This issue I didn't really have a story and so I basically sat around and waited for people to have drafts; for some reason, I couldn't really get involved. Then we started layout--on InDesign, our first year with it, so it's been a bit slower than usual--and I began to feel a little better. Last class we were missing the copy editor so I filled in checking pages and ended up flitting around helping just about everyone. Tonight I sat down and checked the pages and stories. Something about seeing those pages covered in a pink mass of comments and arrows and lines really made me feel like an editor-in-chief...despite the fact that I think we're a week or two behind deadline, and people that have been on the staff for years forgot the most basic concepts. I still feel great.

I just had to share :P
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
1:56 pm
Whoa, sweetness.
Hi, I'm a newbie! I'm EIC of my high school paper, which is a little funny because I'm a three-year staffer (sophomore yr: writer; junior yr: features editor; senior yr: EIC). This means that I've had a little more than two years' worth of newspaper drama. Most recently, we stayed at school until 9 p.m. (the plan was to leave at 4 p.m.) to finish the paper, which threw my homework schedule waaay off and obligated me to turn in two major essays late. Oh, the joys of a newspaper.

Despite the drama, I love the newspaper and I love being an editor, and I'm excited about being part of this community! :)


Staff members: ~25 writers, 12 editors, 10 business staffers, 3 business managers, 3 graphics staffers, 3 illustrators, 3 photographers (some of our staffers double up, though)

Circulation: ~200-300 suscribers; ~700 students/faculty on campus (for free distribution)

Rate of circulation: Monthly

Breakdown of editorial board: 1 EIC, 1 managing editor, 1 news editor, 1 features editor, 1 sports editor, 2 arts&entertainment editors, 1 opinions editor, 1 on-line editor, 2 photography editors, 1 scrivener
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
3:06 pm
We started school a week ago, and we're having major problems with peoples' schedules, so our newspaper class has about 44 people. Know any way we can 'thin the ranks' a bit?
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
12:15 pm
Newspaper ?
I am getting married soon, and we thought it would be a cool idea to make the invite a newspaper.

my ? is does anyone know where i can make my own newspaper? or How? I can print it myself , or take it somewhere, but where do i get the actual paper? Also, Is there like a template i can use to make it?

I thought it would be awesome if we could mail it out, rolled up like a real paper.

Any thoughts, ideas or complaints?

THanks! Lisa

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, June 10th, 2005
8:15 pm
Can anyone list about twenty really good ways to take away stress? Because we have about three page designers for a sixteen pager, and we usually do a 24 pager. Advil has become my friend.
Stressed in Spirit, Soul and ...... *mumblemumbleanotherwordthatstartswith"s"mumblemumble

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
7:01 pm
Does anyone else run into the end-of-the-year attitude of simply not caring? For us, newspaper is an elective class--and lately NO ONE has been doing ANYTHING. We're days behind on our June issue deadline and no one seems to care about the story they have to write for their final exam. It's so frustrating; I have to tell them ALL CLASS to stop playing games on the Internet, and then some of them have the nerve to get mad at the other editors for telling them what to do! (They don't know yet that I'm next year's Editor-in-chief; that's a whole other long story, but one that's much less stressful and much happier.) I'm really getting tired of telling them to stop playing games and watching them laugh at me almost for telling them what to do. ARGH.

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
10:53 pm
Hi. New member, here. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering some questions I have. Some are just for curiosity's sake, but others would really, really help.

les questionsCollapse )
Thanks a zillion.

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
6:23 pm
So how do you guys deal with putting the paper to bed? And do you print it at your school or do you send it some place?

Current Mood: awake..what more do you want?
Friday, May 20th, 2005
4:32 pm
I'm a freshmen this year on my newspaper, and I was just named one of the editors. But our staff is very...grade oriented (frosh, soph, junior, senior). So it's hard to be heard. What do you guys do about the under-classmen on your paper?

Current Mood: square-eyed
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
8:33 pm
better articles
hi all....so i just became the senior section editor of Features on my newspaper. Before now, features has been a really girly section and it does things like how to make bracelets, and i want to make it more serious. I also want to attract more male readers/reporters and think i can possible do this with more seriose content, but I dont want to make features the same as news....any ideas of how this could happen?

ALSO, im a sophmore, and we only have 5 sophmores on our paper, of about 100 staff memebrs, and so we need to get more sophmores on our paper otherwise, my year, we're screwed...any ideas of how to get people to join?
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
7:11 pm
Who knew I would find this while searching for custom lj layouts? XD Well, I'm on the Editorial Board of the paper in my high school and last year, before the Editorial Board, I was the Arts & Entertainment editor. If any of you went to the conference in Atlanta back in November and saw The ABCs of a Successful Newspaper, or something like that, I was the short one who spoke first :P

Anyway, are any of you under prior review? What do you think about it? Usually our principal is QUITE good about supporting us, and he never pulls any stories...until mine about homosexuality and Christianity. Darn community... Anyway, just somewhat curious about your views.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
3:41 pm
I was wondering.... how does everyone get a dedicated staff to make you paper??

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
12:54 am
how do you start a school newspaper? tell me everything!
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