Chris (eowyn2995) wrote in editors,

Whoa, sweetness.

Hi, I'm a newbie! I'm EIC of my high school paper, which is a little funny because I'm a three-year staffer (sophomore yr: writer; junior yr: features editor; senior yr: EIC). This means that I've had a little more than two years' worth of newspaper drama. Most recently, we stayed at school until 9 p.m. (the plan was to leave at 4 p.m.) to finish the paper, which threw my homework schedule waaay off and obligated me to turn in two major essays late. Oh, the joys of a newspaper.

Despite the drama, I love the newspaper and I love being an editor, and I'm excited about being part of this community! :)


Staff members: ~25 writers, 12 editors, 10 business staffers, 3 business managers, 3 graphics staffers, 3 illustrators, 3 photographers (some of our staffers double up, though)

Circulation: ~200-300 suscribers; ~700 students/faculty on campus (for free distribution)

Rate of circulation: Monthly

Breakdown of editorial board: 1 EIC, 1 managing editor, 1 news editor, 1 features editor, 1 sports editor, 2 arts&entertainment editors, 1 opinions editor, 1 on-line editor, 2 photography editors, 1 scrivener
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