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Does anyone else have this problem?

This was cross-posted to my very own journal, as well. =] Has anyone else had such problems as to where there is a huge bias with who gets what position as far as future editors go?

Well, I got Managing Editor of the school newspaper for next year. At my school, the newspaper is utterly prestigious and is an elite group so I mean, I guess this is an honor. Managing Editor is the Vice Editor-in-Chief.

I know, I know. I should be happy. The Vice Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor is amazing, being that the newspaper is a superior group at our school and almost every applicant marked off for their first choice to be Editor-in-Chief, but there is more to it. At least I didn't get something like...Sports Editor, I would have cried even harder. n.n

The vote was really biased though as everyone in newspaper loves the girl, Sara, who got Editor-in-Chief due to her God-loving religion and everyone knows that I am not that way. The current Editor-in-Chief even told me that's why she got it without hesitating when I asked her. I really think I should have gotten it--not to gloat, but I am well-rounded and I have written in news, sports, features, and editorials this year and I have taken up every extra article assigned. Not to mention, I have been on the paper the longest. The girl who got it never turned in her stuff in time, was a FIRST YEAR, never took photographs for her articles, and ALWAYS wrote uninteresting, religious articles for Features.

The girl, Tara, who got the Features Editor position should have gotten my position or even Editor-in-Chief as she NEVER wrote in Features. And she was the ONLY person besides me who always turned in her articles on time and wrote the most high quality articles. They based what everyone got around Sara, the new Editor-in-Chief. Someone even told me since the beginning of the year they had planned to give it to Sara and now that I think about it, when we were reviewing new staffer applications last year (YES, Sara is even a NEWBIE being editor-in-chief), her's wasn't in there, meaning the current Editor-in-Chief slipped her in and planned this out herself.

It just sort of hurts me that people would not do what is good for the paper but what is good for their friends. Oh wait, durr, that's why Bush is in charge and all of his little Texan pals.

I am not that upset about it anymore as the position I got, all the valedictorians in previous years received addition to all the liberals, gays, and lesbians. I wonder sort of sucks, the dumber one always gets Editor-in-Chief so at least that makes me feel a little bit better about being the managing editor and the people who held it previously. But how dare the current newspaper editors give me false hope and make me work my arse off for something that was never going to happen.

What kills me most is, is that Sara runs into our seventh period class and giggles loudly to me, "I GOT EDITOR-IN-CHIEEEEF! ^o^ ^o^ xoxoo" so everyone can hear her, she knew I wanted it. And I cried when nobody looked but resisted getting angry at her as I told my friend to restrain me from hitting her. -_- This just totally bums me out...Ah well.

I know deep down inside I should have gotten it and I will act like a superior queen to Sara as revenge, most likely, knowing that the position should have been mine. It hurts me so badly, I've been working for this position for 2 years and now I don't even get it to some goody-two-shoes who was picked because she travels to different countries trying to convert others and make "peace." (Yeah right.) Woohoo.

I know this may sound a little mean even, but I was really hurt by this as I really worked hard to become the Editor-in-Chief, which never became mine. Is this sort of bias everywhere or is it just my school? I hate how only the editors of this year vote for the future editors, it is quite obvious friends come before who is right.
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