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Photographers on your newspaper?

The number one issue I consider most about next year with the paper is the photography issue. Most of the students on the newspaper are extremely passionate about being a journalist, but not a photographer. Is it worth it to recruit say, 3-4 kids from the Photography classes and may be 1 student from an art class with a knack for cartooning to be staff artists and photographers? I was thinking it could help everyone out, for those who wish to be photographers, artists, and journalists in the future and focus on just those areas. Our paper is expected to have forty or a bit more members next year too.

Most of the time, people crawl over to the Editorials section so they will not have to be burdened with taking photographs or getting quotes from students. May be this will relieve everyone of this problem and allow us to have more than three or four sports article ideas and people who are willing to write them.

Does anyone else have experience with snagging a few of the photo and art kids over to the newspaper? Even if not, would you consider doing this sometime in the future? How do the photography and art student's grades work? Is it based on the effort or the quality of their work? And is it worth having the extra bodies in the room? :)

Thank you so much and sorry for all the questions. n_n But I have really been pondering on this all year as people moan and groan about photography constantly, making the paper end up with boring, effortless pictures.
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